Friday, March 15, 2013

Interview with Catsmousehold

First of all, introduce yourself! 
Hi I’m CatsMousehold and I live in Canada. I’m a stay at home sort due to various health issues and I Crochet and Knit to keep myself busy. I live with 4 cats, a puppy, a lizard, two parrotlets, a Pearly Conure, a Guinea Pig and the man of the house (MOTH)!

Can you tell us about your duties in the Cup and in Gryffindor? 
I wear two hats currently. I am one of the Inter-House Unity team who promote events between the various houses to get some mixing of people and the making of new friends. I do a bit of writing to add pizazz to the writing for I-HU events and make them a little more exciting :)

I’m also a Hall Monitor in the Great Hall, something I have quite a bit of fun doing! I am more of a back of the scenes person for that. I take the team’s ideas for the Hall and fluff and primp the writing. I poke my nose in now and again to participate in the Question of the week, but the others are more diligent about keeping order and answering questions. I’m always around so anyone can feel free to message me if they are feeling lost :)

What’s going on right now? 
This month (March) Gryffindor is hosting the Inter-House Unity event with Hufflepuff! So I check on that several times a day and try to herd Badgers together with the stack of Lions who are waiting in the wings! (Come on out of your Dens Badgers, we won’t bite! :)

What’s on your needles/hooks? 
Currently I’m knitting my very first ever knit pair of socks! I find it intimidating and being only through about 25 rows of the socks, having had to rip them half out, having had to tink back several rows…several times, they are every bit as daunting as I thought they would be!! But I love the yarn I’m using (Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes by Hermione Jean Creations) and watching where the colours land as the pattern progresses.

I also want to make a bunch of smallish things for at least 6 classes and I’m plugging along with those. I’ve been making blanket squares for Dumalaisuzu’s charity Knit a square, so I’m going to keep working at that.

What’s your favorite project so far this term? 
I think my Woozle is my favourite project this year so far :) I love rainbows and this turned out smashing and I think I did a fair job with the fit and finish. He’s adorable. I often give my stuffies away, but this one is MINE. [Editor's note: prize nominated woozle!]

Anything else you’d like to share? 
Having the house cup prompts gives my crafting a certain purpose and I really like the push. However, I wish there were more catagories that allowed WIPs. I think that the cup started to help folks finish WIPs, but if WIPs are only allowed in detention, one still ends up with the problem of motivation to get the WIPs finished! I have several really big projects that are sitting in favour of doing other smaller projects that I might not otherwise do but really fit “the prompt!”. Anyway you slice it, I love the house cup, and the people! Virtual friends are still pretty darn good friends! <3

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