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Whomp! Whomp! Episode 38

Planning Podcast: 
Order Missions DUE: July 22
Headmistress Challenge Due: July 17th
portkey place a Portkey you must first post a photograph, moving or otherwise, of a location at or near your home. The photo must have either been taken by you or a member of your household, but it need not be recent. For the purposes of this Challenge “near your home” means within 50 miles/80 kilometers.This photo is to be your inspiration for your project, which will serve as your Portkey.


 Charms-Supersensory Charm 
Option 1: Craft with, spin or dye a “luxury” fiber. Luxury is to be defined by the student (silk, alpaca, bamboo, cashmere, fun fur, kneazle down…) we are looking for something with a soft texture that makes your fingers sing, not to make you empty your Gringott’s vault.

CoMC- Grindylow 
Option 1: Use the colors which remind us of the lake at Hogwarts (colors blue/green) -- Ravelry approved craft
Option 2: Spin something long, light and sinewy like grindylow fingers - fingering / laceweight yarn 16+wpi
 Option 3: Craft something which will help you foil the Grindylow or mermaid’s attempt to capture and do you harm

DADA- Inferi 
Option 1: Reanimate a project you are not happy with. In your turn in post please include before and after images and explain what you improved in the reanimated project. -Knitters and Crocheters: This must be either a work in progress that has stagnated or an FO that displeases you. You may either frog the original or use new materials, but no projects started before the 1st of this month can be turned in please. WIPs that you actually like and wish to finish may be turned in to Detention. - Spinners: Using the same fiber blend and ply structure, try to recreate a yarn that didn’t turn out as planned/hoped. -Dyers: Reanimate a past dye project! Either overdye a failure or redo a previous attempt with new material to achieve a better result.
Option 2: Reanimate a project that you made and loved making by crafting a second version. Please provide a link to the original project page in your turn-in post (it’s okay if there are no photos of the original). Knitters/Crocheters/Weavers: re-do the same pattern Spinners: Use the same blend of fibers and the same ply structure as the previous spin Dyers: Recreate a dyeing success by duplicating a favorite colorway

Flying - Take your flying home with you 
Craft something to keep you safe while flying or in the event of a crash landing. For example, you could enspell a hat to become a crash helmet at high speeds, or create a flat object that becomes a landing pad when you cast Engorgio on it. Prepare to rig a safety net by spinning plied yarn. We don’t want a weak spot in your singles to bring you crashing to the ground. Show that you are a careful observer of your friends’ Flying techniques by imitating one of their past projects. Include a link to their project in your post.

Herbology-Whomping Willow 
The Whomping Willow attacks anyone or anything that comes within the reach of its branches. Option 1: Craft something you could whomp someone (safely) with. Pictorial evidence of whomping will earn you extra credit.
Option 2: Craft something to protect you from a whomping. Again, pictures of your item in use will earn you points, but stay safe in creating your examples! The branches of the Whomping Willow act like it’s arms and when damaged, the branches must be treated as if they are arms. Option 3: Craft an item for the arms/branches. Think armwarmers, wristwarmers, etc. Extra points for yarnbombing a tree, but be careful and stay safe! We cannot stress enough the importance of staying outside the reach of the Whomping Willows branches while studying it. Now you may study at your leisure, but once again, craft and demonstrate safely!

History of Magic- take a closer look at the pharmakis and Arachne 
 1: Craft something that is plantlike in nature.
 2: Craft something that can be used for the gathering of herbs.
 3: Craft something to represent Arachne. All Rav crafts, fabric sewing, and quilting are being accepted

Muggle Studies- UFO’s 
 Option 1 - Identify a project that may be unidentifiable - make a project that can be misunderstood and identify it’s true purpose
Option 2 - Create an item inspired by the alien in the Unidentified Flying Object - please tell us how your project relates to the alien
Option 3 - Finish an UFO - please post a before & after picture and your UFO needs to be less than 50% finished as of July 1st

 Demonstrate your ability to “harmonize multiple colors, yarns, and/or textures in a pattern.” Explore color dominance. Experiment with multi-stranded color blending. Practice maintaining tension and managing floats. Attempt intarsia. Try mosaic or brioche or double-knitting with two or more colors. Learn to work with yarn in both hands or become adept at managing multiple strands singlehandedly. Develop an interesting stripe pattern. Weave a color gamp. Exhibit one or more stages of turning raw-off-the-sheep fiber into handspun. Any of the techniques suitable for an OWL in Potions are acceptable this month - with the liberty to work on a smaller scale to work out the kinks of your test batch before you brew a cauldron filled to the brim during an Advanced Studies examination.

Mojo/No Mojo:

 Tardis tea cozy for quidditch


 Dalek tea cozy for Q


 stage 4 socks
Owl knit

Order Mission, sweater for Trevor, sleeves done! about 9+ inches of the body
NEWT, sweater... started the sleeves.

To spin or not to spin: 

Chocolate frogs and acid pops 185.9 yds 12 WPI

snips and snails 14WPI 273.9yds
Started morgana/merlin mash up


finished all my NEWT spinning on time!

Youngeryarn club fiber, (DADA) SW wool, 258yds 2ply

Shadawyn: Hogwarts a History fiber club, (Nearly Headless Nick) Falkland 2ply,

 Corgi Hill Farm, Polwarth/Silk (coffee dreams)... spinning now.


Jessica: Hogwarts a History last club shipment, spinning fiber basket, lotion bar from Shayla!

Allena: Hogwarts a History last club shipment, fiber from Younger Yarn, prize from Alina Shea's Creation's group, lip balm/arnica salve/bug repellent from Alina Shea Creations

If you’d like to come on the show we’d love to have you just contact us and we’ll work something out. Or if you’d like to sponsor us for a month please contact us.

The Weasley Sisters podcast GROUP!

Younger Yarn
Alina Shea Creations
Shadanwyn Fiber Arts

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