Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Care of Magical Creatures

It's been a little while since we've had Care of Magical Creatures as one of our classes, so we need to remember to handle the creatures properly.  Especially because we are studying the acromantula.  The most famous of these huge spiders is Aragog, one of Hagrid's many pets.

Since it's too dangerous to deal with these creatures directly, our professor has wisely advised us to focus on their webs, which are strong, but also beautiful.  The only directions we have been given are to make something lacey or make it from silk (or a silk blend).  You do not have to do both, but there is a chance bonus points may be given if you do.

With such a wide open class, it might be difficult to narrow it down to single project to make.  The rulings have come up in the class thread so far have been that if you use a silk blend yarn it must be at least 50% silk for it to count.  The definintion of lace that has been used in this class has been - "Does it have holes in it? Yarnovers? Is it kinda lacey-lookin’? It’s lace! Do it!" from class TA dnatheory.

That's still a wide open interpretation of lace.  Some projects that have been turned in include market bags and dishcloths.  My personal recommendation is that if you choose to make a shawl or a larger project (scarves included) is to use a worsted weight yarn and larger needles (I like a 10 1/2 in this particular case).  There are pages upon pages of ideas for lace items, giving you infinite possibilities.  If you feel overwhelmed, feel free to ask for help!

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